Sunflowers are in bloom

Sunflowers are in bloom
like looking over cosmoses
blooming all around
like relics of summer
yellow stands out


Water lilies

Many years went by
to go my own path of my journey of life,
many encounters gave my turning points,
water lilies shined
at the other side of memories


Balloon flower

In green garden covered with moss
many balloon flowers
are in harmony
with blue purple and white,
like cool breeze

From summer to autumn
balloon flowers
naturally add the splendor
to hills and fields
good old memories rushed into my mind


Sunflower field

At sunflower field,
each sunflower looks up to the sun,
tubular flowers waver
they look like warm eyes,
the sun is blazing down hotly

Scenery of summer reflected in memories
sunflowers are waving in the breeze
far beyond the time,
earth is spinning silently
all day long