The grove is covered
with light purple cluster,
flowers of wisterias
making their ways around the trees,
sunlight pours silently

A song thrush

The direction that a song thrush looks up
and the moment that it flies away
cross in my mind,
it matches with sunset,
it jumps and stands cutely.


Malus halliana

Malus halliana
blooming pale redly
whispering in the wind
like doorbell

Purple Magnolias

Purple Magnolias
bloom to the blue sky
like the objets d'art of spring ,
a twıtter of flapping bird is heard ,
it breaks silence

Like snowflakes

A warm breeze
and cherry petals
flutter like snowflakes
in the schoolyard


Some pics from London

Beyond time and place
precious memories
flood into my mind
from London,
with time-honored tradition and culture


Plums are out

Plums are out
healing realistic pains
cycling of three cold days and four warm days,
spring is getting close
day by day