The flaming sun

The sky turns bright to red
the flaming sun
breaks through gradually,
morning sunlight surrounds
a line of people walking


A pair of white-eyes

After passing through the eaves
a pair of white-eyes
go flying high
up in the sky
in a matter of seconds


Colorful leaves

Colorful leaves
from autumn to winter
reflect great changes
and nature of fleeting things
in step with the time

The sky dyed red

The sky dyed red by the sunset
that reminds me of the scenery
in flashback
my friend and I saw the sunset together


Birds appear suddenly
in moderate daily life,
they enter into the waterside scenery,
they are flying high in the sky,
they come and go among the trees


Swans lie down

On the green grass
swans lie down
grooming themselves,
wriggling their long necks
like rokurokubi


White shapes of swans

White shapes of swans
coming on the riverside
shine clearly,
as if they were brought
by deepening autumn