A long long line

A long long line
toward top of
the Nemophila's hillside
looks like pilgrimage of tourists
going on another world


Tulip field

In daily life
while uneasy news is delivered,
Tulip field
is filled with the expanse of Art,
visitors are surrounded with peaceful air


Sakura blossoms

In the season of meeting and parting
Blooming Sakura over a wide area
are going to fall
as if observing the movement
of many people

The sun rays of spring shine
on the path they walked
a variety of memories
waver in the wind
with falling Sakura blossoms


Lake Biwa

Lake Biwa
that I saw first in my life
wrapping in the silence
at the evening,
deep emotion run through my mind



Japanese apricot blossoms 2017

Japanese apricot blossoms
are in bloom
through the days to wait for spring
engraved memories
cross in my minds

When I looked at
Japanese apricot blossoms
children were running
and romping
around there